Used Dodge Transfer Cases

Used Dodge Transfer Cases | Transfer Cases for SaleDodge makes some of the worlds most respected and tough built transfer cases. We carry Chrysler drive train units that have passed our tests for quality. We can avoid the type of inventory that you might have found being sold online at other websites. We do this through our company wholesalers. Our company,, sells used Dodge transfer cases all over the world. Getting the 4×4 control center that you need to fix up a Dodge is no problem here. We don’t put you through hassles or sell the wrong parts to the right people. We are professional in every sense of the word and guarantee everything that we send out from our inventory.

We are not a variety shop. This means that you will not find tires, used motors, alternators or other popular vehicle parts sold from our website. A transfer case assembly is all that we have for sale and these are all genuine Chrysler produced. We know exactly what bad transfer cases look like and we also know how to fix them. Our mechanics are the only ones that do the rebuilding and examination work inside of our shop. The used or rebuilt assemblies that we sell will amaze you and stay true to OEM Dodge specifications.

Used Dodge Transfer Cases

We work hard at building up our inventory of assemblies to sell. We have an entire team that scours the U.S. to find parts at the right price. We are not interested in parts that do not live up to the high quality standards that we set here. Certified Dodge components are what are used and offered for installation to fix up gently used transfer cases for sale. Some of what our inventory includes are Dodge Durango, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ram and other 4WD models that accept certified Dodge parts. You do not have to spend a lot of time searching around for what you need online. We bring it right to you and always ship out the correct part.

Buying something used should be of value and not something that is trash. We know exactly what is sold through auction websites and other classified websites from the Internet. Are you tired of those sellers? We are too and that’s one of the reasons that our used transfer cases are very different. The inspections, the wholesalers and the freight team the packages up each transfer case all make a difference in the quality. Our business is not restricted solely to salvage, junkyards or other types of body shops in the world. Average people can buy anything from our inventory at anytime.

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Price quotes for what we sell are simple to get. They are so simple that we give them out 24/7 online. Click on the web form that you can find on this website. It sends quotes very fast to you. You may call (888)-508-7153 if you want assistance from our experts. Whatever way you select is no problem for us. We know you’ll save money and won’t have to fight to get a discount.




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