NP203 Transfer Case

The 1970s were a decade of full-size vehicle production. New Process assemblies were used in almost all major brands of 4×4 vehicles. The 203 is one example of a popular unit due to its ability for part and full-time operation. Dodge, Ford, Chevy and some Jeeps used the 203 at different periods of time. What […]

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NP205 Transfer Case

New Process created the 205 series 4WD case assemblies from 1973 to 1979. These were primarily used inside all F-Series pickup trucks. These were part-time units that required manual engagement of the drive train system. These were built tough for hardcore off-road usage. Here you’ll find the NP205 transfer case ready for shipment. There are […]

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New Process Transfer Cases

NP233 Transfer Case

New Process Gear is the company that was tapped to produce the 233 edition transfer case assemblies. This company has a long history with GM, GMC, Chevy and Dodge vehicles. The NP233 transfer case was produced between 1992 and 2003. This near 10-year run helped to perfect the gearing inside. What you’ll find here is […]

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Transfer Case Company

Transfer Cases

All four-wheel drive vehicles have one thing in common. This is the installation of transfer cases. These useful motorized and manual units work with front and rear differentials. All top automakers use these assemblies. Ford outsources the production. So does General Motors. Subaru vehicles are standard 4×4 builds. The installation of case assemblies is critical […]

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Transfer Case Assembly

Transfer Case Repair

Mechanics are expensive. If you’re researching transfer case repair, you probably know that. Your 4×4 vehicle requires constant maintenance. You might not have known this when you purchased yours. The good news is that there is help. The auto industry is full of talented workers to repair common problems. The switch outs that most mechanics […]

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NP Transfer Case

New Process 241 Transfer Case

NP or New Process Gear produces a range of 4×4 case assemblies. These have been used by most automakers in North America. Some of the most popular builds includes the New Process 241 transfer case. Standard edition and heavy-duty units are produced for trucks and SUVs. You came here to find out if we have […]

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Pickup Truck Case

Truck Transfer Case

Pickup trucks helped start the boost in off-road capable vehicles. The early Jeeps used in the 1940s introduced the U.S. to what could be possible. Buying a truck transfer case is easy when you know the facts. You have to determine the year of your vehicle. This provides your research foundation. Automakers have produced more […]

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Automatic Transfer Case

Auto Transfer Case

Some cars now have the ability to offer 4WD. All Subaru vehicles now provide an all-wheel drive feature. Luxury automakers are now using off-road features to attract more consumers. The four-wheel drive assemblies reserved for trucks and SUVs are a thing of the past. Your vehicle could be equipped with an auto transfer case. What’s […]

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NP246 Transfer Case

Most Chevy vehicles rely on the New Process case assemblies for accuracy. The NP series units have remained in demand due to precision engineering. The type of Chevrolet vehicle used often determines the transfer case that is used. Our NP246 transfer case inventory can get you what you need. You take your pick between used […]

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Blazer Case

Blazer Transfer Case

The Blazer and Jimmy were two of the creations in the General Motors family. These 4×4 vehicles remain popular even in used condition. The transfer case assembly could be mechanical or electronic depending on the year of production. If you’re searching for a Blazer transfer case, you’re in the right place to get a replacement. […]

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