Used Toyota Transfer Cases

Used Toyota Transfer Cases | Transfer Cases for SaleToyota is known for its passenger cars and has also made a name creating 4X4 vehicles. The technology and engineering that Toyota offers for all of its vehicles is also offered for its auto parts. All of the used Toyota transfer cases that sit in our inventory are OEM Toyota pull outs. This means that each transfer case that is purchased comes right from a genuine 4WD vehicle. There is nothing that is out of place or that includes aftermarket parts. The types of drive train units we offer here will amaze you and give superb quality without making you pay a lot of money.

Toyota manufactures both trucks and SUVs. The Tacoma, T100, Tundra, Land Cruiser, Sequoia and 4Runner all use specially built transfer cases not easy to find online. We work with some of the top suppliers in the world. Finding what you need right here on this website will never be a problem. Just because you don’t see the model that you want does not mean we can’t get it. A lot of our customers just call us up and tell us exactly what they need. The chance of us having it in our inventory or getting it in a day or two is pretty high. Give it a try.

Used Toyota Transfer Cases

To have a used or rebuilt transfer case is a question many ask. We cannot put our opinion into the mix. What we do is explain the differences between the two Toyota versions. The used versions that we put inside our warehouse inventory are very clean. These are taken right out of vehicles that are retired, changed out or are overstock. There are usually a few miles on them, but other than that they are in great condition. We even clean them up before we put them inside of our drivetrain inventory. Buying rebuilt will get you about the same quality. The biggest difference with these is that newer parts are installed.

A locked up transfer case is a bad thing to have. Some used sellers do not even evaluate the inside or outside condition of a transfer case for sale. We take things seriously here. We not only clean and inspect everything, but we do additional benchmark testing to guarantee the condition. What we do is spin test all of the gears inside to make sure no slippage or breakage occurs. We even compression test the seals and gaskets. There is no other way to detect a leak without using compressing testing. We offer that here. It will save you a lot of hassle in the future. We do things the right way.

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We feel we have the easiest quote form to use online here at In seconds you get our pricing. We don’t have to process your quote manually or you wait for our email. We get right to the discounts. Use the Toyota quote form to get the transfer case cost and then call us to order. Our toll free line is (888)-508-7153 . Call it now and let us assist you. No more buying auction drive train parts for you.


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