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Toyota Sequoia Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale ToyotaThe Toyota answer to the SUV was the Sequoia. Well over a decade has passed since it inception and it is still a popular choice among Toyota vehicle drivers. Both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive versions have been produced for the 4.6L, 4.7L and 5.7L engines. The Toyota Sequoia transfer case is one of the most crucial parts of the design due to the differential system. We sell rebuilt Toyota transfer cases that fit perfectly. Depending on the model of Sequoia that you have, the transfer case is most likely different and not interchangeable. We have 1URFE, 2UZFE and 3URFE transfer cases rebuilt in stock and ready for shipment to your door.

When you make a purchase from our company, we always make sure to inform you of what you are buying. This guarantees that you understand the quality of our work and you will know what you get for your transfer case dollars. Forget about searching online for a low price on a used transfer case. You will spend money more than once keeping it running. When you buy a rebuilt transfer case, what you are getting is a product that is almost like buying a new one. Parts are replaced that are worn and the transfer case will function better than intended. We sell the highest quality Toyota rebuilt drive train products that you can find online at our price.

Expertly Rebuilt Toyota Sequoia Transfer Case

The rebuilding process includes opening the transfer case and inspecting any damage. Some used cases can have cracked seals that leak fluid and shorten the life of the gears. This is why most internal parts fail. We drain the old fluid out and begin cleaning each part to make it new again. If we find something that is worn out, we replace it with a Toyota approved part. This means there are no cheap aftermarket components put inside of our transfer cases. We will not sacrifice our reputation or quality by using parts that will not give you 100,000 miles or more. Our Toyota expert rebuilders know the complexities of the different cases and how to not cause additional problems on the rebuild.

We make sure that we check the teeth on the gears. One gear could be off and disrupt the natural gear ratio required for proper operation with the transmission. After our rebuild is complete, we then move onto the phase of testing and retesting. We use a dual phase test with every Toyota Sequoia transfer case we rebuild. We test accurately for leaking fluid and we spin test the gears. This is important to have freely moving parts that will not break due to tension. What we end up with is a drive train part we are proud of and that we know is just like an OEM transfer case.

Toyota Sequoia Transfer Case Price Quotes

Call now at (888)-508-7153 and we’ll check our price to make sure it’s the lowest it can possibly be. We sell hundreds of transfer cases and our inventory is always accurate. Use our Toyota transfer case quote form if you want a price sent to you by email. It’s fast and super easy to get our lowest price. We like to save you money.




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