Toyota Land Cruiser Transfer Case

Toyota Land Cruiser Transfer Case | Rebuilt Transfer CasesA rebuilt Toyota Land Cruiser transfer case can give you the value that an OEM one cannot. Toyota has known about a flaw in the LC series transfer cases since the introduction of the Land Cruiser in the 1970s. This flaw will cause the transfer case to split in half under normal operating conditions. The fix has not been implemented yet and Land Cruiser owners that utilize the 4-wheel drive system probably already know of the flaws. Instead of buying an untested used component, we offer factory built Toyota transfer cases for sale that are shipped fast and give you the low price you came here to find.

We carry the LC series drive train units in our inventory and that is what we rebuild. We do offer used ones as well if you are not searching for one that we have spent time rebuilding. Each has its own pricing structure and we always provide the value that you need. We sell less but not because we try to outdo any competitors. We know our customers better than anyone else and price is always one of the factors that persuade someone to purchase. We feel we have done a great job putting together our inventory and pleasing customers domestically and internationally.

Toyota Land Cruiser Transfer Case Warranties

It makes no difference on what you buy from our company. We still stand behind all of our inventory and are ultimately responsible for it. We provide extended warranty protection for each of our transfer cases for sale. Any of our LC Land Cruiser units qualify for this protection. All of our work is done in-house and we use nothing but the best equipment. We feel this is one of the reasons that our transfer cases last so long in our customer’s vehicles. The other reason is the complete overhaul that we perform. We know Toyota transfer cases probably better than most rebuilders and are certified to work on these components.

You will find when you obtain our price exactly how low it is. In addition to this lower pricing, you get awesome customer service every step of the way. It starts with our quote system and does not end until after you are satisfied with your order. We do quality control testing after each rebuild and this is added protection against a DOA unit. We process few if any warranty claims each year and we know our quality is just as good as a brand new transfer case. Your 4WD system and transmission deserves to have a great component that is free of damage and traditional OEM flaws. We takeover where Toyota falls short and give you the performance you expect.

Toyota Land Cruiser Transfer Case PricingĀ 

Right from this website, we give you two easy ways to get our lowest Land Cruiser price. One way is to complete the form on this page. It takes about 10 seconds of your time and you’ll be presented instantly with our pricing. The second way is to call by phone atĀ (888)-508-7153 and speak with us. It’s just as fast and we get to introduce you to what we feel customer service should be online.


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