Toyota 4Runner Transfer Case

Toyota 4Runner Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale ToyotaThe Toyota 4Runner is the definitive SUV made by this foreign automaker. Since drivers latched onto it in 1994, it has dominated the SUV market with strong sales and consumer confidence. The compact and mid-size versions are equally popular and most parts are readily available. The 2.4-liter and 2.7-liter engines are two of its most popular configurations and the transfer cases can be switch controlled or with a drive train chain system. We can sell you a Toyota 4Runner transfer case that is way cheaper than buying a new one and will not have quality issues like used ones often do.

There are several different transfer cases that Toyota has used for the 4Runner. We rebuild them all. There are both forward and top shifting designs. Knowing exactly what you need will help you buy the right one. We can help you find the exact one that you need. Our inventory of transfer cases for sale is probably the largest currently online. We deal with the electronic control versions that are very hard to find for the new 4Runner models. We use a trained staff of Toyota drive train experts to purchase and rebuild all of our units to ensure that what you get is as close to OEM as you can possibly get.

Completely Rebuilt Toyota 4Runner Transfer Case 

The tools and equipment that are used by our mechanics are state of the art. Whether we’re opening up a mid ’80s model or one from 2011, we do so with extreme care and caution because we know the parts are delicate. The quality of one of our rebuilt transfer cases is due in part to the equipment and training that we use to get the job done. There are not many expert rebuilders in the USA, but we employ many of them right inside of our facility. Each drive train unit is rebuilt totally by hand and assembled according to factory specifications required by Toyota for its SUVs.

All rebuilding work that we do is based upon the original condition of the used transfer cases that we buy. Although not all parts inside must be changed, they are still cleaned thoroughly and checked for operation. We change out couplers, chains, electronic controls if necessary and the gears. We even take it so far as to spin check the gears with a separate process. One bad tooth on the gear ratio can throw off the shifting pattern of a transfer case. We don’t take any chances and make sure that all of our 4Runner units are tested thoroughly by our Toyota mechanics. Part of what you pay for is our expertise and commitment to giving you a lot for your investment.

Toyota 4Runner Transfer Case Price Quote 

It’s easy to save a lot of money on your transfer case. Call us at (888)-508-7153 . This is only our quote line and will connect you with a pricing specialist that knows all about our current inventory. Your accurate low price quote is given out quickly. If you want the same great service online, just use our Toyota 4Runner quote form. It’s just as easy to use and you still get the lowest price plus shipping.

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