Used Saturn Transfer Cases

Used Saturn Transfer Cases | Rebuilt Transfer CaseSaturn was produced by General Motors and had the best parts installed. With a parent company for a parts supplier, it is relatively easy to find a transfer case for a Saturn. What is not easy is verifying the condition of used Saturn transfer cases that are not sold from our company. We can’t think of another company that does what we do to drive train assemblies. We offer rebuilt versions and we also offer used versions. The type that you need will depend on the budget that you have and the model of Saturn vehicle that you own. Here at you can always get what you need for a cheap price.

Saturn made several 4WD vehicles. One of the smart things was to use the same transfer cases for all vehicles. There is not much of a change between each model. The biggest difference is the inclusion of AWD on some of the versions. This electronically controlled option is included in the VUE, Outlook and other Saturn vehicles. Since we sell used or rebuilt, we can get you the exact part that you need that fits your needs and your purchasing budget. We gladly sell to junkyards and salvage dealers apart from our consumer sales on this website.

Used Saturn Transfer Cases 

Some people have a hard time telling a rebuilt or used case assembly apart. Ours are so clean that the look can fool you, but there are some slight differences. A completely rebuilt transfer case will have had its couplers, bearings, gaskets, chains or gears inside cleaned and replaced. The idea of rebuilding transfer cases is not new and there are rebuild kits that are sold. What is new is the complete overhaul that we give. We don’t just install parts and leave the worn out ones to die a slow death. We clean the entire case with automaker cleansers. This stops contamination that causes parts to have a shorter life span. The new parts combined with a cleaning makes our rebuilt transfer cases look just like one Saturn produced on its production line.

A used transfer case that comes from our inventory is equally clean. We do not change the parts because we do not have to. The cases are in excellent condition and are often times gently used. There are a few miles on them although that does not affect the performance level. We empty out the fluid and clean up the drive train unit as a whole. We perform the regular spin tests and compression tests that ensure Saturn transfer case fluid was used by the previous owner. We certify these cases as used and ship them right to U.S. customers.

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Price quotes are instant here. Complete the easy Saturn quote form and pricing is displayed. One thing our customers appreciate about our quotes has nothing to do with our low prices. The fact that a quote can be obtained 24 hours a day without needing  customer service assistance is amazing. If you do need help, just call (888)-508-7153 . We’ll help you get the Saturn transfer case you want.

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