Rebuilt Transfer Cases

Rebuilt Transfer CaseFour-wheel drive vehicles require the use of a drive train system. These systems are more complex than what is used for passenger cars. The ability to have a front and rear differential that works independently is the advantage of these systems. Modern automotive manufacturers like General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler and Toyota have all developed specific drive train systems. The transfer case that is used to engage these systems can be found reconditioned here. Our rebuilt transfer cases provide all buyers with the value and performance that is expected only without the retail list price attached.

What is a refurbished case assembly? The process of taking apart used auto parts and restoring them again can have multiple names. The rebuilt cases that are found inside our company inventory are restored to like new condition. This is a process known as rebuilt. Refurbished units that are produced for sale do not always have new parts installed. It depends on the company doing the work. Our company replaces new and old parts equally. The rebuilding facility that is used to process each part is a 21st century equipped workshop.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases with Warranties

No two rebuilders are alike. It is the additional incentives created that help separate companies. Our company chooses to warranty its builds. Some companies refuse coverage. The parts application is not the only part of our warranty coverage. Each of the gears that are used in the case assembly are covered. The process to inspect this gearing can include spin tests that help verify each ratio. Problems with teeth on each gear can be an issue during a rebuild. Our company overhauls each preowned units to make it closer to a new unit. We do this and still provide an extensive parts warranty.

It’s important to know what type for 4×4 system that you have before buying. Some automakers require certain fluid to be used upon installation. Mistakes can happen and fluid can dry out quickly. This is one of the causes of a damaged case. Our team can help you decide what case type is necessary. Our remanufactured transfer case assemblies are cataloged properly. We’re able to tell customers which is the right part to order. Our shipping processes help to keep our inventory coming and going from our warehouse. There is a process to go through to receive our pricing. It’s easy and gets you a delivery quickly.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases Quoted Online

Quotes for case assemblies online are possible here. Click on the quote system we’ve installed here. What you get is our low price. This is discounted from the MSRP. What many companies can’t do we’ll do for you. The quotes are generated here accurately. Our one-touch quote form is unique. The only information we require is the year, make, model and a contact email. Our team will go to work immediately reviewing your data. What is returned to you is our lowest price possible. We’re able to ship our units free of charge in most cases. You can benefit from our used or rebuilt transfer case units.

More Information

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