New Process 241 Transfer Case

NP Case AssemblyNP or New Process Gear produces a range of 4×4 case assemblies. These have been used by most automakers in North America. Some of the most popular builds includes the New Process 241 transfer case. Standard edition and heavy-duty units are produced for trucks and SUVs. You came here to find out if we have what you need. We have these cases and they’re sold cheap. Get yours right now.

General Motors has relied upon a partnership with New Process for decades. The Silverado, Suburban and Ram have all used these assemblies. What makes the builds special is the processes used for construction. Some cases have chains and gears inside. These require precision measurements and engineering for functionality. There are plenty of cheap case makers. What buyers of GM vehicle owners know is the longevity they get.

Changing New Process 241 Transfer Case Fluid

Fluid is required for compression. The lubrication is also needed for gears. A transfer case unit is like a transmission. The gears and parts work together upon engagement. The electronic and manual controls that are used in many 4×4 vehicles regulates the on and off configuration. The right fluid levels are important. Many people find out that fluid is low after it’s too late. Testing happens with all cases for sale here. We check fluid levels. These are drained prior to shipment to you.

Preowned and rebuilt 241 case assemblies are sold here. This means that all New Process 241 transfer case parts are genuine. There are no aftermarket units here. All rebuilds are complete. This means that each truck or SUV owner gets full service. Each technician installs new parts. The old parts if kept are cleaned and readied for install. The NP241 is not the only type you’ll find here. The HD, C, DHD and other editions that are popular can be ordered easily here.

Used New Process 241 Transfer Case Prices

The NP codes that are given out in our database will match your request. You don’t have to call us in advance. We do provide a toll-free number for you to use if needed. Quotations for each NP unit can be completed online. Just choose you vehicle make. You then choose the year. You’re instantly taken to our quote system. From here you input your email. It’s that easy to get a quote. Don’t wait and search auction websites to get a deal. Our used and rebuilt assemblies are ready for shipment. Try us before you go elsewhere.

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