Pontiac Transfer Case

Pontiac Transfer Case | Transfer Cases CheapPontiac was one of the leaders in General Motor’s lineup for over a century. Just because this brand has ceased production does not mean that a Pontiac transfer case is impossible to find. You’ve come to the right online dealer. What we have in stock will surprise you and there is nothing we can’t do for you here. You likely already know the history of Pontiac and the types of vehicles that were produced A 4WD system is usually reserved for trucks or SUVs although Pontiac never produced a truck. A series of vehicles including minivans, crossover SUVs and sporty cars once held the transfer cases that we have in stock.

There is a difference in the type of transfer case that you can find online. There are what are known as used or others are called rebuilt. If you have never purchased these without touching them, you might be confused about what it is that you are purchasing. The naked eye can play tricks on you and dealers can too. When you are careful you won’t waste your money. If you buy used, what you are getting from us is a case that has been taken from a real vehicle. The vehicle could have been parted out or just retired. Overstock auto parts can sometimes be what you are buying used. A rebuilt transfer case is slightly different.

Pontiac Transfer Case

A complete restoration is what is offered for Pontiac rebuilt case assemblies. There are hundreds of delicate parts inside of a transfer case. Since Pontiac made many vehicles, you might have to put a little extra thought into what you are buying. Vehicles like the Montana, Aztec, Relay, Torrent and Vibe all use different numbers. One might use a chain and viscous and the others could use magnets. We open up the used case assemblies that are to be rebuilt and start cleansing the parts and internal housing. When we are done cleaning, we usually know what needs to be changed and we change it out. This keeps our Pontiac drive train units just as good as new.

You can’t go wrong when you install something distributed from us. You might have dealt with us already and didn’t know the difference. Did you know we do a lot of salvage and junkyard business? We don’t buy from these dealers, but the very products that they resell to customers come from right here in our inventory. There are thousands of vehicles around the U.S. that are fully operational because of the flawless transfer cases that we sell. Much of our satisfaction by customers is returned to our website with repeat orders.

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Quotes are never complicated here and will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. We don’t use an offline price quote method that requires an employee to manually process pricing. Our Pontiac pricing is done with the quote form you can find on this page. Try it now and take advantage of the super low prices you can find here. You can always call (888)-508-7153 and get immediate help. Don’t pay auction prices for a rusted transfer case. Get an OEM one from us for less.


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