Used Oldsmobile Transfer Cases

Used Oldsmobile Transfer Cases | Transfer Case OldsmobileOldsmobile was retired in 2004 although that doesn’t mean anything to current owners. There are still hundreds of thousands of these vehicles in use everyday. What we do is buy Oldsmobile transfer cases at wholesale prices and resell them to our customers. It is easy to get used Oldsmobile transfer cases for great prices here. We do not sell aftermarket transfer cases and choose to supply our inventory only with OEM assemblies. We keep a close watch over every part that comes into our warehouse. A clean case can fool the average person and we can spot a mistake quickly. We treat you right here at Transfer Cases for Sale.

Oldsmobile used more than one company to produce its OEM transfer cases. Borg Warner is is the go-to maker for many auto companies and the first generation assemblies were built using the BW platform. As technological advancements were made, Oldsmobile phased out its use of the Borg Warner designs and switched to the newly formed New Process versions. What you do not have to worry about with our inventory is if our cases fit. Rest assured that we have exactly what you need and it will install perfectly. The code that you have on your transfer case will inform you what version you need. If you don’t know, call us and we’ll tell you.

Used Oldsmobile Transfer Cases

Do you have faith in your current used transfer case retailer? Probably not or you wouldn’t be searching our website. You’ve made a great decision searching for what we have in stock. Not only do we guarantee the lowest prices, what we have up for sale is also the highest quality. It is easy to spot a dirty and dull transfer case, but we have been doing this for many years. Our customers probably don’t know the warning signs to watch out for and we empathize with them. What we do is inspect used case assemblies that arrive. We know if Oldsmobile transfer case fluid was changed regularly or not. We can tell if the viscous or bearings were cared for properly.

There are a lot of bogus sellers online or those that only cater to auction sites. We are thankful we are professionals. Being a customer buying online would certainly frighten us. If you want a Bravada or Silhouette transfer case, now you know where you can go and get one that is close to new condition. Each day of the year, transfer cases arrive in our warehouse and our team goes into immediate action. We sort, test, test again and tag each transfer case to make sure it is correctly stored for later sale to our customers. We don’t have shipping errors here.

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Get your 4×4 Oldsmobile back into gear with one of our cheap transfer cases. The price you pay is uniquely delivered right from the quote system on this page. You don’t have to wait and you can get multiple quotes. Call our experts at (888)-508-7153 if you think you need help or more information. It’s no problem. We help hundreds of people like you everyday.

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