Used Mercury Transfer Cases

Used Mercury Transfer Cases | Used Transfer Case CheapMercury produced many passenger cars but not many 4-wheel drive vehicles. The Mountaineer and Mariner are the two biggest sellers in the SUV line for Mercury. These are what we have used Mercury transfer cases for in our inventory. The strength and support of Ford has helped improve Mercury vehicles over the last 30 years. We support the 4×4 configuration that Mercury uses and take extra care of each transfer case that we purchase. Get a rebuilt unit or a used one for a price that you did not expect to be so low here at

Would you know how to spot a great drive train unit? Most people do not and get into trouble after they make a purchase. Since we are experts, we know exactly what to look for when we evaluate case assemblies that we are interested in bringing to our shop. The outside case is the last thing that you should worry about. It is the gears, couplers, chains and springs inside that take the brunt of the wear and tear. You might even be searching on our website because you have a transfer case that is completely worn out. We specialize in matching you with the right Mercury part for the lowest online price tag.

Used Mercury Transfer Cases

The question is whether to buy a used or rebuilt transfer case instead. The choice is up to you because we sell quality parts and they are all great. The only difference is a slight change in price. Rebuilt transfer cases for sale take a little extra time to complete. These have all new parts on the inside and are guaranteed to be genuine. Our used units are just as great in quality. We do not change out the used parts although we do several rounds of important testing. The tests prove how much mileage has been put on the current parts. We know that we have very low mileage and the life cycle of these cases is fantastic. You can buy in confidence here.

We have a truly world class shipping department here. Nothing gets out of our inventory without being handled professionally and safely. We even keep the cost of shipping down or ship for free. All depends on the actual parts that you purchase. Our professional freight staff is amazing and always gets our packages out on time. You will never find one bad word or complaint written about our company online. That’s how great we are to our customers. We are repeatedly given business again and again because of our prices and professionalism. When you need a great used transfer case, now you know where you can find one.

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We use a two-step quote form. It literally takes one or two clicks and you’re done. We don’t ask personal information because a quote is a quote. We do not need anything else to tell you how cheap our drive train units will be for you to buy. We want to amaze you with our inventory levels and pricing. Give us a call at (888)-508-7153 to get a phone quote or just ask a question.

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