Mercedes ML-Class Transfer Case

Mercedes ML-Class Transfer CaseThe luxury Mercedes ML-Class SUV has many different types of engines that could be inside of it. Each of these engines uses a different transmission and transfer case. The 3.5L, 4.6L and 5.5L are some of the most common engine displacements and both gasoline and diesel engines are manufactured with the ML-Class. The transfer cases inside are either the 163 and 164 types. Buy your Mercedes ML-Class transfer case with complete confidence from our company. We can offer you the lowest price on a used or factory rebuilt transfer case. Spending your money wisely will ensure you get the performance that you demand in a Mercedes drive train unit.

Being a careful consumer is important when shopping online. There are many listings and offers for transfer cases. Not every dealer will offer something to you that is in what we call sellable condition. There are many dirty and worn out drive train units that are sold on the Internet or listed on classified websites. We know from experience that these types of components will never give you the same kind of quality that you get with our Mercedes transfer cases. Everything that we sell is very clean and is either excellent quality used or fully rebuilt to extend the life of the transfer case in your ML-Class SUV.

Dyno Tested Mercedes ML-Class Transfer Case

Some dealers sell you only the assembly without even testing it. The assembly can appear to be in great condition but could leak. Leaks are the main cause of component failure and one of the reasons that motors burn up so fast. Whether you buy used or rebuilt from our company, we use the same type of testing that is completed in a controlled environment by our expert mechanics. A clean part is just the start of what we have to work with. We dyno test our completed rebuilds and our used transfer cases to ensure the right compression and operation is there. A cleaned and well lubricated transfer case is what you receive.

The testing rounds that are performed on what we have in stock and what keep us from having to do warranty work. Although we provide a warranty for what we sell, we usually do not have to process any warranty coverage claims. This proves just how great our inventory of transfer cases is and the commitment to excellence that we possess. Each order that is processed is done so carefully and professionally right in our warehouse. We don’t sell third party rebuilds or used transfer cases for other dealers. You get what is in our inventory and we send it out to you the same day you order it.

Mercedes ML-Class Transfer Case Price Quote

Get our Mercedes ML-Class quote online when you complete our transfer case form. One of our staff members sends it to you by email. You can also call toll free at (888)-508-7153  and let our specialists speak with you and answer your questions. We still believe in customer service although we do a lot of sales from our website. You will find how easy we are to deal with and how much money you can save when buying your transfer case from us.

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