Used Lincoln Transfer Cases

Used Lincoln Transfer Cases | Transfer Case UsedLincoln is a luxury brand of vehicles that Ford produces expertly. Models like the Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln LT and Aviator have brought worldwide attention to large sized SUVs. The all-wheel drive and electronic shift transfer cases that are used does not have to make finding a replacement difficult. Our inventory includes used Lincoln transfer cases at rock bottom prices. Not only do we price them low to sell fast, we have them available in rebuilt and in used styles. We try to diversify our inventory here at and give Lincoln vehicle owners the options they demand for finding quality drive train units online for less.

Ford used most of the same engines for its luxury line of SUVs. The 4.6L is one of the most popular and is often found as the base model engine. This information is important to know because the transfer case that you are replacing needs to be compatible with the modular engine. A 5-speed transmission is a common element of the large sized SUVs and a transfer case from our company will have no problems working correctly with it. We have already done the hard work researching the OEM parts that are required for each case assembly. We are true believers in the Ford-Lincoln OEM parts and everything we sell has these parts inside.

Used Lincoln Transfer Cases

Ford relies on companies like Borg Warner to create its transfer cases. This is a plus for buyers because some automotive companies use many different manufacturing companies. This actually complicates the replacement process. It is one of the reasons that customers often order the wrong part online. Common Borg Warner part numbers for a Lincoln transfer case are BW4410, BW4411, BW4406, BW4416 and BW4417. These are ones that we also have in stock in our current rebuilt and used inventory. We work hard daily behind the scenes purchasing inventory and stocking our warehouse for customers to buy without hassles. We like simplicity and we do everything we can possibly do as a retailer to streamline our ordering process.

It is easy to tell the differences in rebuilt and used transfer cases when you know them. A rebuilt unit is one that is cleaned expertly both inside and out. The parts that have degraded are professionally removed and new ones are installed to get the case back into OEM condition. This is part of our transfer case rebuilding process. A used case is almost identical. The difference is that genuine parts are not replaced because they are still in perfect working order. Now you can buy the Lincoln drive train assembly that you need without typical online problems.

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