Used Lincoln Aviator Transfer Cases

used lincoln aviator transfer casesLincoln Aviator is a full-size SUV that was introduced by the Lincoln branch of the Ford Motor Company. The launch was 2002 and the production remained until 2007. The Aviator was a luxury SUV and priced significantly higher than the Navigator. The engine was a 4.6L Modular V8 and the transmission was a 5-speed automatic. We sell our used Lincoln Aviator transfer cases for less than other dealers. Our pricing is always consistent. The quality of a transfer case from our website is something you will appreciate. Few dealers can match our website inventory and free shipping offer.

Ford used similar transfer cases for its Excursion, Navigator and Expedition vehicles. The technology stayed the same although manufacturers were changed. Buying a used drive train assembly online does not have to come with issues. The people that have success online know where to make a purchase. It is the people that do not know as much that can run into problems. We get orders right when they come into our transfer case shop. We understand the concept of a great first impression. Our transfer cases for sale are guaranteed to work with a Navigator and other Ford vehicles. No installation problems are present.

Used Lincoln Aviator Transfer Cases 

There are minor differences in what you get when you buy a rebuilt or used case assembly. The rebuilt versions are ones that are professionally inspected and cleaned. If any defective gears or bearings are found, our team of mechanics replaces them with new parts. It takes a while for a rebuilt transfer case to be put back together. Compression and spin testing is absolutely necessary at this phase. This is what literally makes or breaks any rebuilding work put into the case. We calibrate the parts correctly so that the unit will function like a new Lincoln assembly. Our team is trained and experienced. The used cases that we sell go through the same processes. The only difference is that parts are not changed. They are cleaned and inspected and then tested.

Now that you know what you are buying you can buy easier. We help customers out through phone calls and emails daily. Getting deals on transfer cases is our specialty. Our staff knows how to buy these parts and when to buy. The company discounts that are offered are always what helps our prices become discounted. We could easily sell for two times what we are selling for right now. Our salvage company, junkyard and mechanic customers appreciate and deserve a great deal. When this is combined with free shipping, the savings really begin to add up.

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Don’t let a price quote stop you from saving money. Use our quote form. It’s really fast and asks for zero personal from you. Point and click and you get instant pricing. You can call our expert team at (888)-508-7153 . Let us help you with your used Lincoln transfer case needs today. You’ll be glad that you checked out our pricing.



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