Used Lexus Transfer Cases

Used Lexus Transfer Cases | Transfer Case LexusLexus has the marketing power and engineering technology behind it from its parent company Toyota. The line of luxury SUVs and automobiles that Lexus produces are truly second to none. No other manufacturer puts as much time and investment into assuring that every component on each vehicle is perfect. We are proud to carry used Lexus transfer cases for the variety of 4WD vehicles that this Toyota brand produces. You can find exactly what you need right here or going straight to our quote form that we built for customers to use. We don’t complicate your life and want you to save money and be happy with your transfer case purchase.

When it’s quality and a low price you are searching for, you can be amazed or upset with what you get online. There are only two types of transfer cases that you can end up with. The first is a used one and the second is a rebuilt one. While we sell each of these types and are not biased, we do know that where they are purchased from on the Internet will make a huge difference. The Lexus assemblies that we bring into our company are supplied only by Toyota dealers and wholesalers. We do this to keep our quality high and our risk for damage or failure very, very low.

Used Lexus Transfer Cases

Lexus makes a lot of crossover SUV vehicles. The part number that is on the case you now own could be for a Toyota vehicle. Don’t worry because that is normal. Toyota is the one that manufacturers all of the Lexus parts. Toyota and Lexus transfer cases are usually interchangeable depending on the version that you own. The size of the engine and the type of the transmission has a lot to do with compatibility. We have transfer cases for the GS300, GX460, GX470, IS250, IS350, RX300 and RX350. We have a full inventory of all other types of transfer cases too. Finding exactly the part that you need and having the assurance it will function perfectly is what you can find from our large inventory.

What you have to be concerned with when buying used auto parts is leaks and damage. A common problem with some transfer cases is fluid leaks over a period of time. As fluid begins to dissipate, the couplers and other delicate parts can dry up and break. This is what leads to grinding sounds and complete failure when 4WD or AWD is selected. Putting in Lexus transfer case fluid and making sure all parts are operational is one of the steps that we take here. We are able to do all required testing and we compare the notes that we take with OEM Toyota data.

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We have two fast ways to get our Lexus transfer case pricing on this website. A quick way is to click the special quote form we created. All pricing is up to date and immediately displayed and since we offer free shipping the price you are given is all that you pay. You can always call toll free at (888)-508-7153 . We are professionals and will help you right now.


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