Used Kia Transfer Cases

Used Kia Transfer Case | Transfer Cases UsedKia and Hyundai have picked up the pace producing 4×4 vehicles to become the leader of SUV and crossover SUV models in the U.S. We sell used Kia transfer cases that fit the current models like the Sportage and Sorrento. While the corporate headquarters of Kia is in Asia, there are several U.S. manufacturing plants that make it easy for us to get a hold of used transfer cases for sale or to rebuild. We believe in Kia vehicles and know just how expertly built these vehicles are especially the 4WD. Searching¬†will help you find the transfer case you need and for the most affordable price.

Being careful about where you buy auto parts from can help you increase the quality level you receive. Most people put price first. It is easy to shop on the Internet and search by price. The problem is that a cheap price does not mean high quality. Most sellers pull out auto parts right from operating vehicles and list these parts for sale. Without a proper test, you will have no way to verify what you want to purchase. Looks are very deceiving when it comes to auto parts and transfer cases are no different. The gears inside, couplers and chains all have to be in perfect condition to achieve optimum functionality.

Used Kia Transfer Cases

A used transfer case compared to a rebuilt transfer case has some slight differences. The parts inside of a used drive train unit are factory original. This means that they have never been replaced or serviced since the original installation. In many cases this is normal. A quality automaker like Kia always uses great parts and the assemblies can last for a long time. The used case units that we have are evaluated when we receive them. We test for fluid leakage, compression problems and if any parts are worn or deteriorated. After an in-depth judgment is made, used units are put right into our warehouse and inventory numbers are updated.

The cases that are rebuilt go through the process of installing new parts. The process we go through is the same for each type of case. Each gets the same cleaning and testing. We are able to keep our pricing fixed this way. We do not like fluctuations in price and know our customers dislike it too. Getting Kia parts does not have to be problematic especially on the Internet. We are a professional company with a knowledgeable staff. What gets ordered and shipped out each day here goes to all parts of the world. We are continuously rewarded with repeat business from average people, salvage sellers and junkyards that buy our case assemblies.

Used Kia Transfer Cases Pricing 

Quotes are becoming standard in the automotive industry. Price competition is fierce and most sellers no longer put pricing online. We take the same approach. Use the Kia transfer case quote form as many times as you need to and get our low pricing. You can get immediate help by phone if you call (888)-508-7153 . We work hard to give you a pleasurable experience and save money in the process.



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