Used Jeep Transfer Cases

Used Jeep Transfer Cases | Transfer Cases JeepBuying used Jeep transfer cases can be like playing a lottery. A lot of people do it but few are successful. Buying blindly online from any used dealer that sells what you believe to be quality Jeep transfer cases can hurt you. Do you know how to buy? Most people do not and its OK to learn the ropes of buying something used. What we sell here are two types of Jeep transfer cases. The first type is used and the second type is rebuilt. The difference is that used transfer cases are cleaned and the rebuilt ones have new parts installed. Both types operate equally well.

Since Jeep makes more than one vehicle, you have to define what transfer case that you have before a replacement can be made. Most of the part numbers begin with NP although they could be NV. The difference is the company that originally produced them. New Process and New Venture were completely separate companies. We have both of these styles in stock so you don’t have to worry about a case assembly fitting into place. The sole important factor is the condition of a transfer case for sale. You can buy on eBay and take a chance or you can buy from a respected rebuilder. The choice is yours.

Used Jeep Transfer Cases

We have the Cherokee, CJ5, CJ7, Wagoneer, Wranger, Liberty, Grand Wagoneer, Patriot and other styles of a Jeep transfer case in stock. What we do when we start a rebuild is to determine what the differential is for each case. Some use couplers and chains and some do not. Our mechanics always evaluate transfer case conditions before starting any type of work. The exterior condition can tell a lie. The internal components are what we are interested in for a drive train assembly. Jeep transfer case fluid leaks are most often caused by bad seals and bearings. We see a lot of these problems with used units and is why we got into the rebuilding business. We make the units new again so they are ready for a quick installation.

We have a unique inventory and tagging system here. Some sellers online have no system of organization and frequently ship the wrong parts. You can search in any auto parts forum and find an entire list that you can read for days about complaints from certain companies. This information is very helpful to you and us. We know what not to do and what transfer case customers expect from a seller. Parts that come from our warehouse are always double and triple checked for accuracy. We get one attempt at impressing a new customer and we make it count.

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If you know enough about what you need, ¬†you can get our price quotes 24 hours a day from this website. Quotes are generated within seconds of clicking on our form. We don’t even ask for personal information. You can even call toll free at (888)-508-7153 if you want personal assistance. We want to earn your business like we’ve done with all our current customers.

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