Jeep Transfer Case

Jeep Transfer CaseBuying a Jeep transfer case takes a little research. Chrysler used more than one manufacturer to produce these case assemblies. Two companies known as New Process and New Venture were used to produce the majority of the 4×4 units. Starting your journey online in search for reliable  parts depends on this information. The right parts are essential for the right fit. The website provides helpful information to customers before purchase is made. There are two options for purchase here. These options are used and rebuilt depending on your requirements.

SUV vehicles like what Chrysler produces for its Jeep inventory depend on transfer cases. These help provide stability in front and rear differentials. The case assembly must be taken off and put back on by the right expert. Many drivers are unqualified to perform work on these units. The Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep liberty, Jeep Commander and other types require the correct transfer case gear ratio. The NP case assemblies sold here are OEM editions. Customers purchasing from this online resource are presented with value first. It is easy to sell used units. What is more difficult is supporting customers after the sale.

Jeep Transfer Case Fluid Types

Dry fluid can ruin the case assembly. This is one of the most common problems experienced. The need for replacement fluid happens at specific mileage intervals. Knowing what type of Jeep transfer case fluid is required can help prolong the lifespan. Most dealers provide information to vehicle owners after purchase is made. Reviewing this OEM data can help reveal the fluid type required after install. Our company tests case assemblies with fluid. This ensures that preowned and rebuilt cases work perfectly. The fluid is immediately drained after tests are performed. The proper compression ratio of fluid is checked before shipments leave our warehouse.

Part number checking is important when buying a case. The vehicle that you own may not be OEM. Some mechanics do not install genuine parts. Identifying the correct part number is one service that is provided here. We perform a check for specific part numbers to help customers. Were able to verify the following part numbers to help ensure the right part is ordered:

NP242J, NP231J, NP208J, NP228J, Dana 300, NV245J, NV140, 146J, NV140J, 242JHD, NP249J, MP1522 and other editions.

These review processes help all customers doing research. Purchasing the correct case assembly will ensure a proper replacement is made. The hand-built case assemblies that are sold on this website are in a rebuilt or used condition.

Jeep Transfer Case Price Quotes

Quotes are provided with our easy quote form. This form happens to be on every page of this website. It’s easy to click and get a price fast. We supply our toll-free company number as an alternative contact option. Immediate answers to questions are possible calling this number. Our company provides experienced transfer case professionals. The low pricing, warranty terms and free shipping incentives are explained when quotes are requested. We quote prices the same for dealers and the general public to provide error-free pricing.

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