Jeep Liberty Transfer Case

Jeep Liberty Transfer Case | Rebuilt Transfer Cases Command-TracThe Jeep Liberty might be a smaller 4×4, but there is certainly no loss of engine power in these SUVs. Jeep owners know that the PowerTech engine is one of the highest quality motors that Chrysler produces. Jeep has several different transfer cases depending on the shifting technology that is used. Both mechanical and electronic shift technologies are used. Many of the transfer cases are built by New Process and the codes start with NV. Older transfer cases will have the NP number system. Buying a Jeep Liberty transfer case that is used or rebuilt from our company gives you the performance and reliability that you expect in a modern drive train.

Both the Command-Trac and HD versions are used for the Jeep Liberty. These allow any combination of 4WD, 2WD or AWD to be configured at the flip of a switch. The couplers used inside could be locked or viscous style. Determining what transfer case you need will depend on the year that your Jeep Liberty was produced. A mistake often made by people that do not know how to order a transfer case for sale is ordering the wrong part number. Most used components that are sold online are not returnable due to the sensitive nature of the internal parts. It can be a hard and expensive lesson when purchasing a drive train part online.

Rebuilt Jeep Liberty Transfer Case

Buying a rebuilt transfer case is always a great option and it does not cost as much as a new one. Our used units are in great shape and are no less of quality. The biggest difference between each style is the fact that rebuilt ones have brand new parts and the used ones have cleaned up parts. Each functions like new and will give you what you expect for the Command-Trac transfer cases. Inside of our rebuilding shop you will find our experts hard at work each day. This includes taking apart transfer case assemblies and cleaning them, installing new parts and checking fluid levels for leakage. We put each unit through the proverbial wringer and make sure it is high quality.

What we do when we finish a rebuild for a Jeep Liberty transfer case is use our computer testing equipment to test the gear ratio. We can tell by the performance of the spin test and compression test how well each transfer case will perform. We know that these are sold to consumers, mechanics and parts supply stores around the world. We put extra time into our testing to be 100 percent certain that our job was performed correctly and that the unit will function in a customer’s Jeep. We take personal pride and our rebuilding reputation very seriously.

Jeep Liberty Transfer Case Pricing

Right from this website you will be able to get a purchase price plus the cost of shipping. It’s fast and simple using our Jeep Liberty quote form. Just enter the model and make into the form and out comes your price. Our prices are low and we don’t play favorites to businesses versus consumers. Every person gets our lowest transfer case pricing. Call us at (888)-508-7153 if you want to speak over the phone with us about our quality, shipping or other requests.


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