GMC Yukon Transfer Case

GMC Yukon Transfer CaseThe full-size GMC Yukon is still in production for General Motors as one of its number one selling SUVs. There is a good reason for this. The engine quality, clean fuel emissions and the 4×4 power that these vehicles provide. A luxury SUV like the Yukon has a pretty complex transmission and requires an approximate gear ratio for fine tuning. We can sell you a GMC Yukon transfer case for much less than you can buy from a used parts dealer. There is no sense in buying a rebuild kit when these kits replace nothing that cannot break again. When you buy an SUV transfer case from us, you are getting one that is rebuilt by our in-house builders.

Buying a used transfer case can come with all sorts of problem that you are not prepared to have. High mileage is usually a problem for used drive train parts. There is no way to get an accurate reading for mileage apart from what the odometer reads. You are at the mercy of a used parts dealer when you buy something that has not been rebuilt. Not every used transfer case can fit the various models of transmissions for the Yukon. Certain transmissions like the 4L60E and 4L80E are automatic, but there are other models that might not configure correctly. When you buy from a respected dealer like us, you can be sure that you get a quality and correct part.

GMC Yukon Transfer Case with a Warranty

All of the expert work that goes on in our facility comes with our labor warranty. Our mechanics know everything to know about the Yukon and how its transfer cases are assembled and disassembled. Every rebuild starts with a thorough inspection that can detect fluid leaks or parts breakdown. We clean all of the parts and ready the transfer case for parts replacements. All genuine GMC parts are used and we even replace bearings and couplers. These are two things that a rebuild kit will not do for you. After each case is assembled, it is put through a pressure test to make sure fluid is not leaking and the gears will operate smoothly.

We do spin tests as well to verify the turning of the gears. One bent tooth can throw off the gear ratio and cause 4WD issues. Our expert mechanics get you the GMC Yukon transfer case you need to keep your Yukon on the road. We include our generous warranty with everything that is rebuilt inside of our facility. This is our commitment to our customers. We care about vehicles especially if something we have provided can cause a problem. We are proud to say we don’t have warranty claims filed because our work is so superior.

Best Price for a GMC Yukon Transfer CaseĀ 

Our quote process at is very easy to use. You can call (888)-508-7153 and get a fast quote by phone or you can use our GMC Yukon quote form. What you get with either way that you choose is our lowest transfer case price. We do a lot of work for the very small price we charge for a rebuilt drive train system. Try us out and see for yourself.



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