GMC Sierra 2500 Transfer Case

GMC Sierra Transfer CaseThe 6.0-liter V8 engine inside of the GMC Sierra 2500 is a massive reminder how powerful this pickup truck is on and off-road. As if this truck wasn’t powerful enough, GM produces it with 2 versions one standard and one heavy-duty. Buying a GMC Sierra 2500 transfer case is important for proper operation of the gear box. There are 5 or more transfer case models that fit various model years of the GMC Sierra. Knowing what you are buying will help you get the best gear ratio that is intended for use in your GMC. We specialize in selling rebuilt GMC transfer cases. We sell these drive train parts for less and want to make you our loyal customer for life.

Since many of the parts attached to a Sierra are electronic, the transfer case is a delicate part that does have electronic shift mechanisms. The model and year that you own will depend on what type is required for your GMC. We sell genuine transfer cases that are rebuilt right here in our factory. Codes like the 246GM, 261XD and 263HD are part of what we sell. Regardless of the model that you have, we have a transfer case in stock that is sold for the lowest price possible and ready to be shipped out fast. We know the value of GMC engines and related parts. We make sure that what you get from us passes all OEM standards given to us by GMC.

Compression Tested GMC Sierra 2500 Transfer Case

The compression is an essential part to every transfer case. We use the right tools and equipment for each rebuild that we perform. The wrong compression can cause shifting problems and damage a gear ratio. Most of the damage that we find on used transfer cases comes from fluid and compression issues that damage the delicate parts. Our mechanics carefully disassemble each genuine transfer case and begin the cleaning process. We give you new couplers, gears and anything else that is essential for smooth operation in 4WD.

Apart from our rebuilds and compression test, we give all drive train components one last test for accuracy and safety. We spin test every one of our GMC Sierra 2500 transfer case units to make certain there is no slippage. The linkage must be correct or we refuse to pass it along for sale to our customers. We save you money on your purchase, but that does not mean that the financial savings we give will affect our quality to you. We include our standard warranty coverage as well as ship each transfer case out the same day that it is processed. We are one of the best in the business at what we do and we want to prove it to you.

GMC Sierra 2500 Transfer Case Price Quote

We use a quote process here at Just call (888)-508-7153 and we’ll promptly give you our lowest GMC price. Our expert team searches our database to match your specific Sierra to one of our rebuilt cases. You can even get a quote from this website by completing the form on this page. Our experts email our price to you quickly after you submit the form. Try us out. You will be surprised.

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