GMC Sierra 1500 Transfer Case

GMC Sierra 1500 Transfer Case | GMC Transfer CasesGMC Sierra 1500 was sold to the public in many different versions. The counterpart Silverado, Sierra C3 and Denali all used the GMC platform for this pickup truck. The same was true for the transfer cases. The GMC Sierra 1500 transfer case that you need could be manufactured by several companies. The OEM GMC, Borg Warner and other transfer cases have been used throughout the production run of the Sierra. When you browse our inventory or get a price quote here at, what you will find is that our drive train units are in great condition and sold as rebuilt or used. We always have what you need or can get it within a phone call.

The Sierra engines are built tough. Most of the larger 6.0L engines were used in the Sierra as well as GM transmissions. You have to remember that these make a difference when connecting a transfer case. Some customers have posted horror stories online about ordering from dealers that did not list the correct part numbers. Installing the wrong transfer case is usually a two-tier problem. The first problem is that it can damage your transmission or engine. The second problem is that the case assemblies are usually not refundable. It can be expensive to make mistakes and we do our very best to help you get the right parts on our website.

GMC Sierra 1500 Transfer Case

When you find rebuilt or used GMC transfer cases online, do you know if they are tested or built correctly? Most customers have no idea that the company that sells transfer cases tests or does not test what is sold. We do things very different. We not only tell you about what we have in stock. We backup all of our information and give you exactly what you need to make sure you are getting the right part. The testing and rebuilding that we do for our rebuilt transfer cases for sale is really helpful. We get a chance to test out our work although we are very confident in what we do.

Our used transfer case units are just as good. The only difference is that we do not install OEM parts. The case assemblies are taken apart and cleaned. We test the parts but we don’t add anything. These used units will last a long time when taken care of in your vehicle. If you operate a body shop or salvage yard, we know you are buying for your customers and expect great quality. You don’t have to worry about quality issues here. Each GMC drive train unit we sell is backed by our warranty. Get what you need without any online hassles.

GMC Sierra 1500 Transfer Case Quotes

Are you ready to learn about our pricing? We thought so. Just use your mouse and click the submit button that is attached to our quote form. This gives you our price right online. We also include shipping for many of our Sierra 1500 transfer cases. You will not find a better deal. Feel free to call us at (888)-508-7153 . We’ll answer your questions fast and help you each step of the way before you let us ship a transfer case to your door.

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