Used Ford BW 1356 Transfer Cases for Sale

The BW 1356 [Borg Warner] transfer case is no stranger to me. It’s no stranger to many Ford truck owners from 1987 to 1997. Ford used this unit in every longitudinal four wheel drive pickup truck [F150, F250, F350], Bronco and SUV  exclusively. Several options of Ford BW 1356 Transfer Cases for Sale.

I have fixed plenty of these transfer cases for various reasons. The reality of it was that there were millions of these transfer cases made, so lots of them were on the road, which increases the amount of failures that occur. And, a lot of failures were the owners responsibilities. Meaning the transfer case was not properly maintained.

Here is a secret about the Borg Warner 1356 transfer case. It has an oil pump inside it for lubrication. It does not rely on the oldest method of lubrication known to man. A splash system, which means gear oil is not naturally splashed and spread over the components to supply adequate lubrication.

It means the pump forces the gear lube throughout the unit. That is fine if you know about the pump and change the lube at the right time intervals. But, most owners of said vehicles don’t maintain their transfer cases properly. And many of them are commercial vehicles working in the hottest places in the country, which breaks down lubricants faster.

While I do not think it’s the best unit for heavy duty usage. It is more than adequate for most purposes if the purpose falls within the factory specification usage limits in terms of weight pulled.

Sometimes the case half that anchors the pump gets damaged if the pump fails. So this is a serious failure. When we sell one of our premium grade transfer cases, it comes with detailed installation directions, in terms that make sense to you. That way you learn how to take care of your product and do not have to replace it prematurely.

Having said the above. Let me remind you that every rebuilt transfer case we sell uses the finest American made bearings, and factory grade gears. We do not use the cheap Chinese reproduction parts. We have a reputation to uphold, and know the Chinese retro parts do no good for our customers or us.

No matter how it’s viewed upon, a better built transfer case is stronger than the original one, and will outlast it. Especially with the known maintenance it needs. It’s always cheaper in the long run to buy a better BW 1356 transfer case. It’s better in the short-run too, the chance of warranty issues are practically nothing with our transfer cases.

When you call, have your registration in hand, the VIN is on it [vehicle identification number]. That way we can make a 100% positive ID. The early units were manual shift, and most later model 1356 cases had electronic shift  setups.

Call and speak with a professional who can discuss your problem and help you choose the right transfer case. BTW, if  a used BW 156 transfer case is more to your liking, please ask, we only sell the best pre-tested transfer cases available at affordable prices.

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