Used Eagle Transfer Cases

Used Eagle Transfer Case | Transfer Cases UsedThe closure of American Motor Corporation might have ended the production run of the Jeep, but it started the production of the Talon and Summit vehicles from Eagle. These 4WD vehicles were popular alternatives to standard SUV or pickup trucks that were produced by other manufacturers. We carry the used Eagle transfer cases that you need to make a permanent replacement or easy swap. These are sold right here as a used unit or one that has been rebuilt. You make the decision about what type of case assembly that you need and leave the rest up to us here at

A company called New Process produced all of the Eagle brand drive train assemblies. Just like Eagle itself, New Process is no longer in business and the modern cases are produced by New Venture. You are in luck if you are swapping or replacing a bad transfer case. Most Jeep units will accept a swap with an Eagle assembly. The amount of teeth on the spline gear will be relative to which NP or NV case that you require. We know that just getting to a case assembly can be difficult. We make it less complicated to find what you need and never have to worry about installation delays or problems.

Used Eagle Transfer Cases

Each transfer case that is brought into the warehouse where we store our inventory is there for a reason. It means that we have either checked it out thoroughly or rebuilt it and have completed the build. We house nothing that has hidden problems or defects. For instance, on a used transfer case we make sure and inspect the gear ratio and the bearings to make sure everything spins. It only takes one section that is not thoroughly checked to cause major problems after installation. We already put in the time necessary to clean and inspect each drive train unit that is up for sale. Nothing that our company puts out comes back to us because of issues. If there is an OEM problem, these are caused by a manufacturing defect and not our mechanics.

We do rebuild cases and we complete them perfectly. We always change all the parts. We never leave on old parts that are nearing the end of their useful life. We go ahead and replace all original components with OEM ones. This is what rebuilding should be and the reason why we never have warranty problems. We do attach a warranty for our labor and the OEM components to each transfer case sale. We feel that providing additional assurance goes a long way to build customer relationships and trust for what we sell here.

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Are you still waiting on a quote from another online dealer? We takeaway the waiting and our quotes are automatically given out. We developed the Eagle transfer case quote system to speed up the pricing process. We know you want to compare prices. We know it is not an exciting process. We give you what you came here to get quickly so you can decide to order. You may always call (888)-508-7153 if you find you require assistance. Let us set you up with one of our superb Eagle transfer cases.



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