Dodge Ram 3500 Transfer Case

Dodge Ram 3500 Transfer Case | Rebuilt Transfer CasesThere is a reason Dodge Ram 3500 outsells most competitors. Quality is the biggest reason but the 4×4 power is another. Buying a transfer case on the Internet can seem like a challenge. You visit 10 or 20 websites and what you find are very high prices. When you need a Dodge Ram transfer case, search no further than You don’t know it yet although you have just found the lowest price online. Not only do we give low prices, you will be glad to know that our quality is better than what you have already found online. A Dodge Ram 3500 transfer case from us will save you money and will give you thousands of miles in 4WD performance.

We are a custom transfer case assembly dealer. What this means is that we find used assemblies and buy them to rebuild. What we don’t do is buy from sellers that we do not trust or that have not proven themselves to us. The network of distributors that we work with all have great quality drive train parts and assemblies that we use. We can tell you that everything we do is genuine and is built to last. We don’t feel you will find another partner online that can match what we do for you.

Dodge Ram 3500 Transfer Case 

What is a rebuilt transfer case anyway? There is no such thing as a used assembly that will work like a new one. When they are cleaned like the ones we sell, they can extend the life for everyday use in a four-wheel drive vehicle. A rebuilt one is something different. The entire case is inspected and opened up to reveal the parts inside. We typically find that fluid leaks and part breakdowns are common with used versions. We go right to work and clean each part and the entire assembly. We investigate all issues and then we begin building the perfect drive train unit. OEM parts are used and connected together to preserve the original design.

When each case is totally remanufactured, what we do is perform testing and add Dodge Ram 3500 transfer case fluid to the assembly. This is what is done to check for leaks and proper operation. Without this testing problems could happen. We know from experience to test and check every detail to ensure a long and lasting life for our Chrysler assemblies. The Ram is built tough and the transmission and engine are designed for power and torque. A faulty case assembly could ruin the engine or transmission. We don’t let that happen. What you get is an awesome product for a price that you did not expect to be so low.

Dodge Ram 3500 Transfer Case Quote 

You will love our quote form because it’s fast and very simple to use. What comes out of it is not a sale or one-time only price. It is our regular pricing. We sell to salvage businesses, junkyards and average people at the same price. You can call (888)-508-7153 if you need extra information or assistance. Let us help you save a ton of money.


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