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Dodge Durango Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale DodgeFew SUVs are known for luxury and power. The Dodge Durango is one of the exceptions. Do you need a Dodge Durango transfer case? We specialize in remanufacturing Durango transfer cases for direct sale around the world. Wasting your time and money on a used one will not give you the results that you expect. Our experience in the automotive industry and the quality of rebuilds that we do has cemented our reputation. Your first, second, third or Hybrid generation Durango can be fitted perfectly with one of our transfer cases for sale. You have the choice of buying low cost remanufactured or a brand new one from a dealership.

Your 2WD and 4WD configuration is controlled by either the NV242 or NV231. We are able to rebuild both of these units right inside of our power train shop. You don’t have to worry about torque issues or getting something less than what you pay us to do. There are no shifting issues or conflicts with any of our Dodge Durango cases and what you get is pure OEM quality. Our gear ratios are set to the exact specs that Chrysler uses for the Durango SUV line. When you buy our remanufactured transfer cases, you are not sacrificing quality for the low cost investment.

Dodge Durango Transfer Case with a Warranty

We are transfer case remanufacturing experts. We don’t buy someone else’s work and resell it to you. Every part that we replace, every motor or magnet is done exclusively by our mechanics. Each of our experts has years of experience rebuilding Dodge Durango transfer cases and warranty all of our labor. Each part has its own OEM warranty and this is part of our warranty package to you. We guarantee that you will not have issues after installation due to our labor or work on your transfer case. Part of the reason that our prices are so low is because we rarely have to do any warranty work.

After each transfer case has been rebuilt, the testing phase is the next part of our quality assurance process. We cannot sell you something that we have not tested to be 100 percent accurate. We take the time to check and double check all of our work to ensure there is no leaking fluid, broken seals or motor problems with each transfer case. You can buy from us in total confidence that the power train components that you buy will not fail you when you need them the most in your Durango. When you place an order, we make sure to ship it fast by using our trusted freight carriers to deliver your Dodge Durango transfer case to your door.

Our Price for a Dodge Durango Transfer CaseĀ 

(888)-508-7153 is the number to call that gets you our low price. We answer your call fast and do not put you on hold. We are transfer case experts and want you to be informed of how inexpensive our prices are and what you get for your investment. Get your Dodge Durango transfer case quote from our website. Just give us the details and your email address and our price will show up right in your email inbox.

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