Used Chevy Transfer Cases

Used Chevy Transfer Cases | Chevy Transfer CaseChevy trucks and SUVs used a variety of different transfer cases. The actual model of vehicle that you have will help determine what you need for case assembly replacement. Companies like Borg Warner and New Process have produced General Motors transfer cases in the past or you could have a genuine Chevy drive train system. Ordering the wrong part can be a real disaster. That’s why we help you select the used Chevy transfer cases that are the right fit for your vehicle or the vehicle where the case will be installed. Our entire team of specialists here at helps contribute to our customer service and low pricing.

What is the difference between a used and rebuilt transfer case? We get that question a lot and try our best to help everyone understand. There are average people and businesses that purchase what we sell and it can be confusing if you do not know the differences. A used unit is one that has been taken out of a truck or SUV. Most of the time these units are in great condition already. A lot of vehicles end up getting traded or parted out as a little bit of age decreases the vehicle value. The good part is that for transfer cases, transmission and other parts these can be resold. We have parts like this inside of our warehouse.

Used Chevy Transfer Cases

Understanding a rebuilt unit is easy. These begin just like a used one but end up getting reconditioned. Parts that could be fading fast or that are worn out are instantly changed. A cleaning regime and inspection is completed by our staff. By the time that we are finished, what is put out for sale is almost like a brand new transfer case. These cost a lot less than a new one and you can put about the same mileage on them. Chevrolet makes the Silverado, Avalanche, Equinox, S10, Suburban and Tahoe along with other Buick versions. There are many vehicles that use a transfer case that we can provide.

You never have to think too hard about our quality level. We backup all of the work that is completed in our facility and guarantee the parts that are used. This is more than we can say for other Chevrolet drive train parts dealers selling online. We can only put the time necessary into our company and cannot worry about other dealers. We read the forums. We know what’s going on out there. We are big into helping salvage businesses and junkyards get the parts they need fast. The network of customers that we have built is amazing. We earned our reputation and continue to do so daily.

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You came here from a search engine to get a free quote. You can get it right here and you need no assistance from us to do it. Click the Chevy quote form and pricing is given to you instantly. You can access this information 24 hours a day and get as many quotes as you need for transfer case replacements. Call (888)-508-7153 if you need help at any time. We’re here.


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