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The Chevy Tahoe is one of the toughest full-size SUVs that GM has ever manufactured. The Suburban and Yukon are very similar models although the transfer cases are not interchangeable. The awesome 4×4 power of the Tahoe has been a Chevy standard since 1995. There is a reason that GM continues to make this vehicle and a lot of it has to do with the quality of parts. The strong drive train system is one of the pieces of the success puzzle with the Tahoe. We can sell you a rebuilt Chevy Tahoe transfer case that will beat out any used one that you find or one of those rebuild kits you can buy off of eBay.

The V6 or V8 engine that you have in your Tahoe will usually dictate what type of transfer case that you need. Popular transfer cases that we rebuild include the MP2033LD, NP241C, NP243C and the common 261GM. The integral part that the Chevy transfer case plays when attached to the transmission helps give the 4.7L, 5.0L and 6.5L diesel engines reliable power. The linkage inside has been perfected by GM and our rebuilt transfer cases continue this trend of tradition. You won’t find a beat up or used drive train component in our Chevrolet inventory. What we sell are excellent parts that are ready for drop in right now.

Expertly Rebuilt Chevy Tahoe Transfer Case

Let’s be clear about the work that we put into all of our transfer cases for sale. We buy used cases and we recondition them. Since this means different things to different people, we’ll tell you our exact process of making a transfer case new again. The first section begins with opening the case and cleaning every part. Oil sludge and grime are two of the culprits for cutting the life short of delicate parts. After all parts are cleaned, the ones that are worn out are changed and genuine parts are put back in their place. This means you get new couplers, bearings and gears that are all important for a proper drive train.

Next comes our way of testing. Have you ever heard of a spin test? Most rebuilders skip this step just because new gears are installed. We have found that doing a spin test and making sure rotation is correct that our transfer cases hold up better. If there is a linkage issue, we know how to fix it very fast. We don’t skip tests. We make sure that anything that bares our name is in 100 percent perfect condition. Buying a Chevy Tahoe transfer case is an investment. You don’t want to keep fixing a used one. Our rebuilt drive train products are guaranteed to last.

Chevy Tahoe Transfer Case Price Quotes

Our quote system is really easy to use at Call (888)-508-7153 and our expert staff will give out our lowest Tahoe transfer case price. We use an online quote form too. Enter just the basics and we give you our quote for shipping and the low price that you will pay. It’s really simple and error-free to get the drive train parts you need online now that you know the secret.


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