Chevy Suburban Transfer Case for Sale

Chevy Suburban Transfer Cases for Sale | Transfer Case Chevy Suburban 1500The Chevy Suburban 1500 is a best seller and one of the most popular 4×2 configurations in the Chevrolet lineup. The 5.3L engine that powers the Suburban is unlike any motor that is currently installed in a large luxury SUV. The transmission and transfer case are integral parts of the Suburban and part of the reason for its success. We remanufacture transfer cases here at and in our inventory you will find an affordable Chevy Suburban transfer case for sale for your 1500 model. All of our drive train components are OEM and are guaranteed to function like new. The next best thing to owning a new transfer case is having one remanufactured for less.

Finding the product that you need in our inventory is easy. We do not sell rebuild kits. These have been proven ineffective and you are much better off spending your money the right way. Depending on your transmission, choosing the Suburban transfer case that you need is not difficult. The gear ratio that you need is determined by the spline and the spur count. Most 1500 models have different gear ratios and some are all-wheel drive. You can trust our experts to provide you with the exact drive train model that you require to keep your Suburban changing gears smoothly.

Hand-Built Chevy Suburban Transfer Case for Sale

One of the reasons that our transfer cases are superior is the work that we do. We use our hands. We use our education. We use what we have been taught in Chevy rebuilding classes to give you an exact replica of a new Suburban 1500 transfer case. We use a dedicated computer testing process to test for seal leaks and verify pressurization. We replace seals, bearings and couplers and then perform a spin test to ensure compatibility with each gear. We go the extra mile for our customers and that’s why we have a zero return rate on our transfer cases for sale.

It’s normal to have questions when you are researching information. That’s why we go into detail when we describe to you exactly what we do and what you get for your transfer case investment. There are many used transfer cases on the market and most of them would never make it into our inventory. We have no control over what other drive train parts dealers sell. We can only work hard and remanufacture our own components to make them new again. A Chevy Suburban transfer case for sale in our inventory will cost you less. You don’t have to waste your time with a cheap rebuild kit that will not last. Get the real deal here with a low mileage transfer case remanufactured by our expert team.

Chevy Suburban Transfer Case for Sale Price

(888)-508-7153 is our fast quote line. Speak to someone that knows a lot about your Suburban and will help you choose the exact transfer case you need. Our prices are low but our service is great. You can even get your price quote online using our Suburban 1500 quote form. Give us your email and we send over our lowest transfer case price super fast. What have you got to lose?



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