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Chevy Silverado Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale Silverado 1500Chevrolet is known for doing many things well and the drive train parts that are used are no exception. Chevy engineers that designed the Silverado 1500 used many of the same technologies that were put into earlier version of popular Chevy vehicles. The Vortec V6 an V8 engines are part of the reason that the Silverado remains popular. We sell remanufactured Chevy Silverado transfer case units that are ready for install. All of the Chevy transfer cases that we sell have been rebuilt using OEM parts. Just like Chevy, we spare no expenses when doing a job right the first time.

What we sell is not to be confused with salvage yard finds. We sell to many junk and salvage dealers because our quality is so high. We provide transfer cases for your 1500 pickup that drop right in and connect to your transmission. You do not need any special tools or modifications to get our rebuilt cases to fit. We are very particular about what we choose to rebuild and we always provide top notch results. Everything we do during the remanufacturing process strictly follows the guidelines enforced by Chevy. We do not make changes or alterations because that will affect your expected peformance.

Chevy Silverado Transfer Case with a Warranty

We know what used transfer cases include. We also know what rebuilt means to some dealers. We believe in honesty and telling you exactly how your money is spent and what you get for that investment. The term remanufacturing to us means changing the seals, bearings, motor and couplers. We make sure that the fluid is drained out and fresh fluid is added to test each completed transfer case. We don’t let anything leave our facility that has not been remanufactured properly and tested to backup the work our mechanics complete. We give new life to used Chevrolet transfer cases.

Anyone can learn to rebuild a transfer case, but there are few people that do it very, very well. We are one of the few dealers in the country that perform all of our own rebuilds and testing. We are not a middleman and we do not sell the work of others. What you get is years and years of hard work and experience that is put into every Chevy Silverado transfer case. We give you a genuine factory built case that is a direct replacement for the OEM version. We make it fast and easy to get what you need and make sure your Chevy runs without interruptions. Our transfer cases for sale do not interfere with your transmission and are relatively easy to install.

Chevy Silverado Transfer Case Price Quote 

Getting the 1500 transfer case you need is simple. Call our toll free number at (888)-508-7153 . One of our helpful experts will give you our price fast and be sure to answer your questions accurately. You will now exactly what you get when you make your purchase. If you want an online quote, our Chevy Silverado 1500 quote form is just as easy to use. Give us the details of the transfer case you need and our extremely low price is rapidly sent to your email.

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