Chevy Blazer S10 Transfer Case

Chevy Blazer S10 Transfer CaseChevy Blazer S10 was named after the pickup truck series that was created in the same year. The early 1980s was a time of growth for General Motors. The battle with Ford was already in place and a toss up between vehicle owners over the best SUV was born. If you have an S10, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that our Chevy Blazer S10 transfer case is readily available for shipment. We carry multiple versions of these units in stock and these are sold in use or rebuilt condition. This inventory and low pricing is what you’ll find at

GM has had more than one builder for its transfer case series. There are many companies like Borg Warner, New Process and others that have contributed to the building of these units. Some of the part numbers that you’ll find here include NP231C, BW1372, NP233C  and 236GM. These represent some of the popular versions although more are available. The condition of units is important to our company. Since we sell preowned and rebuilt assemblies, you can easily find what you need in our Chevrolet inventory online for your Blazer S10.

Chevy Blazer S10 Transfer Case in Stock

The reconditioning of a case assembly can be confusing to someone that has never purchased these units. One thing you should feel comfortable about is the quality. When we put our skills to work, what we finish with is a unit that is near factory fresh. We can’t erase the mileage on these units although we can remove the wear and tear. If applicable to each case, we replace things like couplers, chains, bearings or gearing to make sure of total accuracy. We’ve assembled quite a team of experts that help to complete this workload for our company. You pay for something special here and that’s just what you receive.

Since Chevrolet no longer produces the S10 Blazer, you can find that availability for parts is limited. One thing we try to do for customers is have plenty inventory on hand. The buying and evaluating of used parts that we go through is an in-depth process. Our powerful relationships with leading distribution companies is one part of our success here. We’re able to locate low mileage transfer cases and these are what we put up for sale online and offline. Our company policy is to satisfy all customers. You don’t have to be a business owner to buy here. If you’re just a Blazer owner, you can easily get a great price for a great case assembly online. Our warranty is thrown in with a purchase at no cost.

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We offer a toll free number for you to call when you’re ready to request our pricing by phone. We’re also one of the only companies you’ll locate online that give virtual quotes. The coded form you’ll find on each page of our website is ready to use 24 hours a day. This form provides you with pricing, warranty information and reinforces our offer of free shipping for in stock units.




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