Used Ford F350 Transfer Case

The Ford F350 is one of the largest trucks produced on the consumer market. These large gross weight trucks are class 3 trucks. One thing that these have in common with the smaller F-Series is the transfer case. These integral drive train parts are necessary for off-road performance. Our company sells used Ford F350 transfer […]

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Ford Drive Train Units

Rebuilt Ford F150 Lariat Transfer Case

Ford makes many of the world’s most powerful 4×4 pickup trucks. The Lariat is one of the newest designs that holds a 6.2L V8 engine. The size of this pickup is one of the features that buyers of this vehicle appreciate. The power and off-road capability of this vehicle has helped it to become one […]

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Used Ford Transfer Cases | Rebuilt Ford Transfer Case

Used Ford Transfer Cases

Ford makes some of the best vehicles in the world and it is no surprise that they have quality transfer cases. Ford is loyal and selects one or two manufacturers to complete all of their component work. Most used Ford transfer cases are actually created by a company known as Borg Warner. This company is […]

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NP Drive Train Assembly

Used Ford Expedition Transfer Case

Ford has a partnership for manufacturing with many third party parts makers. One of these is Borg Warner and they create the transfer cases that Ford uses in its vehicles. The Ford Expedition transfer case that you need could be one of several versions. You can identify it with the letters BW before the part […]

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Used Ford F250SD Pickup Transfer Case

The Ford F250 Super Duty series is a powerful pickup truck. The engine is large, the torque is phenomenal and the 4WD is something that other automakers wish that they had. Ford generally uses several different transfer cases for its F-Series pickups. Borg Warner normally provides these and they are offered in manual or with electronic shift […]

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Ford F150 Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale Ford

Used Ford F150 Transfer Case

One thing that Ford does is produce and sell a lot of pickup trucks. These trucks are sold around the world and from time to time the transfer case needs changed. There are many different transfer cases available for Ford and they are all built by Borg Warner. Many of the replacement and used drive […]

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Ford Ranger Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale Ford

Used Ford Ranger Transfer Case

The Ford Ranger has pioneered the pickup truck industry since 1983. Anyone that drives a Ranger knows how reliable it is when you depend on it the most. The smooth transmission and powerful motor work together with a helpful transfer case. The manual and electric shift versions that Borg Warner creates for Ford are the […]

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Ford Explorer Transfer Cases | Transfer Cases for Sale Ford

Used Ford Explorer Transfer Cases

The Ford Explorer changed the way that SUVs were introduced to the public and many owners bought them for the 4×4 power. The Explorer is one of the most famous Ford products that have been produced in the last 25 years. One of the great things about Explorer parts is that many are still available […]

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