Blazer Case

Dodge Nitro Transfer Case

The Dodge Nitro had a production life of four years. This SUV was one of the first dedicated to the Dodge brand. Many of the parts used to construct these vehicles came from the Jeep brand. The transfer case is built from the New Process models and is required to control the 4×4 gearing. In […]

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Automatic Transfer Cases

Used Dodge Transfer Cases

Dodge makes some of the worlds most respected and tough built transfer cases. We carry Chrysler drive train units that have passed our tests for quality. We can avoid the type of inventory that you might have found being sold online at other websites. We do this through our company wholesalers. Our company,, sells […]

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Dodge Ram 3500 Transfer Case | Rebuilt Transfer Cases

Dodge Ram 3500 Transfer Case

There is a reason Dodge Ram 3500 outsells most competitors. Quality is the biggest reason but the 4×4 power is another. Buying a transfer case on the Internet can seem like a challenge. You visit 10 or 20 websites and what you find are very high prices. When you need a Dodge Ram transfer case, […]

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Dodge Ram 2500 Transfer Case | Rebuilt Transfer Cases

Dodge Ram 2500 Transfer Case

Four production generations of the Dodge Ram 2500 have been created since the Ram’s introduction in 1983. Dodge uses more than one version of the transfer case depending on the gasoline and diesel engine used. The NP241 is most commonly associated with the Ram as well as the NV series. Diesels rely mostly on the […]

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Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale Dodge

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Transfer Case

The Dodge Ram 1500 is the flagship of Chrysler pickup trucks. These are the only trucks in the last 25 years that have been able to grab the top spot from Ford and Toyota in national sales. The continuous 4×4 power that these trucks give drivers is nothing short of amazing. One of the strengths […]

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Dodge Durango Transfer Case | Transfer Cases for Sale Dodge

Dodge Durango Transfer Case

Few SUVs are known for luxury and power. The Dodge Durango is one of the exceptions. Do you need a Dodge Durango transfer case? We specialize in remanufacturing Durango transfer cases for direct sale around the world. Wasting your time and money on a used one will not give you the results that you expect. […]

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Dodge Dakota transfer cases | Transfer cases for sale Dodge

Dodge Dakota Transfer Cases

The Dodge Dakota is arguably the most popular of Chrysler trucks. Other trucks like the parent Ram and Durango have steady sales, but the Dakota is used throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have Dodge Dakota transfer cases for the inline 4-cylinder, V6 and V8 models of the Dakota. Ordering the right drive train part […]

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