Used Cadillac Transfer Cases

Used Cadillac Transfer Cases | Transfer Cases CheapCadillac is known for a line of luxury automobiles and some that include 4WD. We specialize in selling used Cadillac transfer cases on the Internet. Owners of Escalade, CTS, STS, SRX and the ESV vehicles that need a reliable transfer case look us up first. We are known for case assemblies that are unlike what is sold on the preowned market. A used or rebuilt drive train unit from our company is a mark of value. We do a great job in making mechanics, salvage companies and junkyards look great due to our large inventory. We are the number one transfer case portal that features that easiest quote system around.

When you are replacing transfer cases, a lot of things can go wrong unless you are experienced. Everything from buying the wrong fluid to installing a case incorrectly hurts the integrity of any transfer case assembly. Part of what our experts do for customers is we spend time on the phone explaining our inventory. A picture and an online description are great although we provide customized service. We don’t want to get the reputation for sending incorrect parts because someone did not order the one they really needed. Our entire staff works to please each customer daily.

Used Cadillac Transfer Cases

There are many companies that Cadillac has used to build a transfer case. Not all models are identical. Some of the most common part numbers include MP3023LD, BW4481, BW4485, 149GM, 246GM, BW4477 and BW4479. Companies like Borg Warner are sometimes used to make OEM case assemblies and other times GM does not outsource the work. We do our best to provide information that is helpful to every customer that needs a fast replacement. We help make sure the correct parts are always ordered and that no problem will happen. Since we do offer free shipping, our order volume has increased substantially in the past 3 years. Our team does a great job of keeping up with the demand and our inventory and customer satisfaction level continues annual growth.

Make no mistake about the inventory that we carry. We are not middlemen and do not ship out products bought from others. We buy only from respected professionals within our network. We have the staff to evaluate what is purchased each day and this is one way that we maintain used transfer case quality. We also have a staff that participates in rebuilt case assemblies. For customers that prefer these versions, we do a complete OEM rebuild and get rid of the worn parts inside. Each case is very clean, has low mileage on it and is priced to sell quickly to individual customers or those buying through a business.

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We hate incorrect prices online. This is why our prices are never published on this website. We are not afraid of someone showing a lower price than us. We know from our own research we are the cheapest and prove it when our Cadillac transfer case form is used. We give pricing very fast and we are available for support at (888)-508-7153 . We didn’t get an excellent e-commerce reputation selling case assemblies by forgetting how important customer service is to customers.

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