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used-cadillac-escalade-transfer-caseCadillac Escalade was first made in 1999 as a special edition. The sales rocketed past GMs expectations and the Escalade still remains in production. The year was 2000 and there were no luxury SUVs on the market. The Escalade offered what the Ford models did not. It is hard to compete with Cadillac and GM owned the market quickly. The transfer case that goes into the Escalade is sold here in used condition. We buy used Cadillac Escalade transfer cases for big discounts. This is what our customers get access to here at

Most of the trouble that involves a transfer case involves fluid leaks. The NP transfer cases that GM uses were all built with modern technology to help keep tight seals. This is good news for most vehicle owners. What happens over time if rust or other problems arise is that fluid can leak. The Escalade transfer cases that we have are all seal tested. This means that nothing is leaking and all of the seals are in great shape. Not all used transfer cases that you can find online are seal or compression tested. We put a lot of time and our company money into perfecting what is sold.

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We operate a professional business here and we don’t sell at auction websites. Customers that want our Cadillac transfer cases have to call us or get them online from this website. We still prefer the personal touch when we sell something to someone. It’s easy to create an auction listing for a transfer case. What gets lost is the personal satisfaction and gratitude. Have you ever tried getting a refund from eBay? We know it’s not a nice process to go through. We eliminate such process here. Our company is responsible for everything sold. We don’t make excuses. We always respond quickly to customer problems or requests.

You’re here because you’re trying to find the lowest price. We know how it is online. You can find a lot of sellers, but you really don’t get the exact transfer case model that you need. You’ve come to the right website if you love a big inventory. We have nearly every make and transfer case model that you can request in stock. Our team does a great job offline buying drive train units. We are able to make a lot of good deals that benefit our customers. What happens between buying and shipping out transfer cases is what makes us different. We still believe in spin, compression and bearing tests to validate what we sell to a customer.

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Your price is literally only a phone call away. We help you right on the phone and we get right down to transfer case business. Your time is never wasted. We generate pricing automatically for your review. You can even use the Cadillac quote form we built on our website. This will produce a low price quote that you can use to make your buying decision.

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