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Used BMW Transfer Cases | Transfer Cases CheapBMW automobiles are built with style and class. A person that does not own a BMW might not know that this automaker uses all OEM parts. There is nothing that is outsourced and everything is completely unique. This is partly the reason for the higher than average cost. People that drive a used BMW might be searching for a reliable transfer case. We have the AWD used BMW transfer cases that everyone is eligible to buy. Our business is not centered around selling to other business. A great deal is hard to find these days online and we are one of the leaders in fast shipments for a low price.

A transfer case is a complex unit. Most people think that all a case does is switch the gear ratio for each gear. That is just the simple definition. What a company like BMW does is offer all-wheel drive. This means that a switchable pattern is offered to a driver. An electric switch engages the entire drive train and the AWD is used. There are hundreds of small parts that are used to make this happen. The used and rebuilt cases that we have in stock have all been thoroughly examined and all of these assemblies have the cleanest interiors.

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The engines that are used in BMW vehicles can be diesel or gasoline. The exact motor and transmission combination is important to know because transfer cases hook to them. The power that comes from the motor is one of the biggest concerns for a proper transfer case. You do not have to worry about getting the wrong part shipped out to your address. We spend all of the time required putting together the right part sequence when you order. All we need is a VIN number. If you don’t have it, we can look it up for you and get you what you need. There are not that many dealers selling online that would go that far for you but we do.

We are professionals and take drive train units seriously. For our used division, what we offer for sale is just that. We are very clear about selling used units and we understand that cleanliness is a big factor in selling these. You’ve probably seen those dirty transfer cases online at other websites. We use the highest quality sprays and cleaners to remove that grime that can make a transfer case appear horrendous. The rebuilt ones are cleaned the same way and only have genuine parts installed inside. Our drive train units connect fast to any engine and transmission with no errors.

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Get price quotes right from our company 24/7. You never wait here. You don’t even need expert assistance from our staff unless you request it. Our BMW quote form is amazing. It gives out updated pricing and inventory levels. We don’t limit the quote process and you can always get as many as you want. A sample of our inventory includes the 325i, 328i, 330i, X3, x5, x6 and 750i. Call our specialists today at (888)-508-7153 and let us assist you over the phone. We are friendly and we know transfer cases better than anyone else online.


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