Auto Transfer Case

Automatic Transfer CasesSome cars now have the ability to offer 4WD. All Subaru vehicles now provide an all-wheel drive feature. Luxury automakers are now using off-road features to attract more consumers. The four-wheel drive assemblies reserved for trucks and SUVs are a thing of the past. Your vehicle could be equipped with an auto transfer case. What’s important is that you can identify if you have a problem. If you do need a replacement, we’re here to help you. Our transfers cases for sale are priced more affordable than most companies.

Manual and automatic off-road engagement is now possible. Automakers are using dual technologies to make it simpler to engage or disengage four-wheel drive. The older systems used a manual shifter. These types placed the power onto the transfer case for each differential used. Electronic units are now installed to provide an electro-mechanical charge. These push-button units are now more common. Let us get you the right unit. We’ll save you money doing it.

Used Auto Transfer Case

You don’t have to buy a new unit. These are expensive. We’re one company offering previously owned editions. You can install these just like a normal case. They do have a little mileage on them but that’s OK. You’re dealing with professionals. The small amount of mileage is just breaking in these cases. Our assemblies are guaranteed to work as intended. You could find that it’s hard to tell these are used upon review. We’ve built this company on making customers happy. Our parts policies back this up.

Reconditioned units are equally popular. These are built right here in our facility. A used unit has all original parts. The refurbishing procedures help renew the integrity of these parts. There are no worries for breakdowns. New parts make a world of difference. Taking something old and making it new again is our specialty. Each transfer case assembly holding our name is something special. We’re talking way better quality than eBay.

Auto Transfer Cases for Sale

Quotes are simple and fast to get here. What our team does is get these to you instantly. You fill out our quote request form. You’re immediately shown your price. This is the only price you’ll pay. Most of the time shipping is included. We do this as a courtesy. Each 4×4 unit quoted here is shipped rapidly. No waiting around for our shipments. We won’t screw up your installation schedule. Take 10 seconds and get your price. You can compare it to other dealers.

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