Used Acura MDX Transfer Case

Used Acura MDX Transfer CaseAcura MDX is part of the luxury brand of vehicles. This crossover SUV was first designed and put into the market in 2001. Honda is the parent company behind the Acura success. Many of the designs that are integrated into these vehicles comes from Honda technologies. The transfer case is no different. You’ll find our prices for a used Acura MDX transfer case to be more than just competitive. We offer used and rebuilt versions of transfer cases. You choose the type that you need and we supply you with one that is fully tested against breakage here.

The Acura transfer case for the MDX is the same one that Honda used for its Pilot vehicle. This was probably because each used the 3.5L V6 engine base. The transfer case that we have in stock will fit the 6-cylinder engine base from Honda. What makes the versions we sell popular is the quality and the performance. Once a used transfer case has been worn due to low case fluid there is little you can do besides rebuild it. We do our very best to get low mileage drive train assemblies to sell to customers. This is why we sell rebuilt as well as used to give options to all customers.

Used Acura MDX Transfer Case in Stock

What happens during a rebuild? We use a different process for each transfer case depending on the condition. The basic points are covered though. We inspect each case assembly to be sure nothing is out of place inside. The internal gearing and bearings can easily be worn. Customers that know what a bad transfer case does when gears are worn can sympathize with us. We count the teeth on each gear as well as check them make sure they spin properly. Each part is thoroughly cleaned. Nothing is started here until we know what we’re working with inside of the transfer case.

We install brand new parts when applicable. Many times transfer cases go bad because of fluid leaks and metal shavings that clog up the gearing mechanism. Our experts that work here are masters when it comes to rebuilds. We’re able to evaluate each case and make the appropriate judgement about what is changed out. Many times clean parts can be deceiving until testing is complete. Our Acura transfer cases go through testing of both mechanical and computerized. We sell these cases to business and average customers. We know how high the quality must be. All work that we do cleaning used transfer cases or rebuilding one is warranted. You won’t be left with a problem when you purchase transfer cases for sale here.

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