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4x4 transfer cases for saleWhat is a transfer case? New vehicle owners to a four-wheel drive vehicle can ask that question. These cases are what regulates the gearing that is used. The transfer to standard and four-wheel or all-wheel drive takes a reliable unit. The case assembly is what works with each engine and transmission. It is these cases that do the hard work to make SUVs, some sedans and pickup trucks more reliable. It’s easy to locate 4×4 transfer cases for sale right from our company warehouse. We’ve entered this inventory online at

Reliability with these useful units come in two forms here. The first is a used condition assembly. These are taken right out of running vehicles. What is important to know about these types is that they are sold as is. These receive a mechanic overview and are purchased from leading companies. These standards of quality help us to sell quality preowned units. The second is a rebuilt assembly. These are growing in popularity because they mimic a new unit. These are built by hand. Old parts are removed, new ones are added and cleaning is provided to get these like new again.

4×4 Transfer Cases for Sale in Stock

The dual types of units we sell here are in stock right now. This includes Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Jeep, Hyundai, Land Rover and other units that are popular. The foreign and domestic units that are sold from our company are valuable. These are valuable in terms of performance and in low price. You have options when you need to replace a transfer case assembly. You can buy right from a dealer and pay way too much. You can buy on auction websites and get low quality. By sticking with a trusted retailer, you can always find a better replacement. That’s what we offer.

Shipping is important when buying auto parts online. It can be common for sellers to hide the cost of shipping in the sale price. It can also be common to tack on the cost after a product is added to a shopping cart. Since we sell to the trade industry and to regular people,  we have only one shipping incentive. This shipping incentive is to ship transfer cases free of charge. This cost saving opportunity is designed to help everyone. The units shipped are applicable inside of the U.S. only. We have deals in place for shipment to other parts of the world. The 4×4 functionality is what is sold here is always checked for accuracy. Through spin testing and evaluations, our company is  now distributing some of the highest quality replacement parts fond online.

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We give out pricing online. We ask that everyone interested in sale pricing to use the quote system. On each page of our website, you’ll find the quote form. It takes less than a minute to get our prices. Call toll free to speak with a specialist if you have questions. We’re here to help you. Don’t settle for defective units online. Get one with a free warranty here.




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