1994-2002 BR/BE Dodge Ram Transfer Cases for Sale

1994-2002 BR/BE Dodge Ram Transfer Cases for Sale

1994-2002 BR/BE Dodge Ram Transfer Cases for Sale

The Dodge Ram built between 1998 and 2002 came equipped as a 2 wheel drive pickup truck from the factory, and had four wheel drive as an option. A total of 5 different transfer cases were used in various combinations in the four wheel drive Ram. Every one of the 1994-2002 BR/BE Dodge Ram Transfer Cases for Sale are on sale for an affordable price every day, no gimmicks.
All were part time and had a low range of 2.72:1 and are used in the Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500HD.

1. The 1500 featured a NP231 And 2. NP231HD.

3. The NP241 was standard on V8 2500 Rams.

4. The 2500 and 3500 V10 and Diesel featured a NP241DLD from 1994-1997.

5. In 1997 the NP241DHD became a option for 2500 Rams and was standard on 3500 Rams from 1998-2002.
NP stands for New Process, which is owned in some sort by Chrysler Corp. As mentioned all of the models listed are manual shift. Meaning none are electronically activated with the touch of a button, the driver needs to put the lever in the correct spot manually. NP makes good heavy duty products. As a general rule, it’s hard to ware out a transfer case. Most failures are due to abuse or negligence.
The Ram is a very conventional 4WD setup. Using a front engine and transmission, the transfer case is bolted right to the end of the transmission. In effect a transfer case is a 2 speed manual transmission with an extra output shaft to go to the front drive axle and provide power to all four wheels. A transfer case also incorporates certain features that differential assembly’s may use to split the power.
One of the things we offer you is CHOICES. We sell brand new transfer cases for your Dodge Ram at a fraction of the dealership price, we also have fully rebuilt TCases built with American made, commercial grade bearings, gears and seals. Outstanding durability guaranteed to exceed you expectations. In fact, we have one of the most extensive lines of pre tested used transfer cases, all guaranteed to meet your demands. It may be our best overall value dollar per mile.
The only way for someone not who does not fully understand what I’m speaking of is to call and discuss your needs with a competent specialist. We have a solution for you at an affordable price. A quality product has more pure value and costs less than the alternative. Don’t try to cut corners on something so important, call the specialists right now.

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